Following its inception in 2004, Bucks Hosting has offered web-hosting only to known clients or those recommended by trusted associates – principally, small businesses and low-bandwidth customers, as well as friends and acquaintances.

Why is this? Well, one of the most fundamental objectives of these types of client is RELIABILITY – it's as simple as that! Everyone likes affordability too – the problem with finding an ultra-reliable hosting package is that they're mostly quite expensive. Why? 99.99% uptime (or as close to this optimum as one may sensibly expect) requires a server platform of top-quality and thus, over the course of time, we have progressed through various dedicated server hardware solutions to arrive at a Cloud Hosting platform that utilises solid-state drives (SSDs), the performance and reliability of which far exceeds everything used before! Additionally this is fully managed 24/7/365 by our vendor and the data centre involved.

Furthermore, sensible use of bandwidth and load spreading, along with our policy of refusing to allow any known resource-hungry websites to be hosted, e.g. no Warez; no Bit Torrents; no Anime; no ROMs & Emulators; no IRC, no streaming; no commercial Bulk advertising (SPAM) etc. All of these exclusions help to maintain optimum reliability and uptime!

What else is included? We operate a comprehensive backup policy in which all account backups are updated HOURLY over the course of at least a month! That's a huge undertaking but one we're pleased to provide just for those odd occasions when you might delete something by mistake – we've got you covered!

TECHNICAL INFO: This is Linux Cloud Hosting on Dell hardware, utilising the widely popular cPanel control panel software which is ideal for both single account holders and resellers.

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